Extra 300 Aircraft

Extra 300 Aerobatics Aircraft Extra 300 Aerobatics Aircraft Extra 300 Aerobatics Aircraft

Extra 300 Flight Experiences: Ultimate Top Gun, Extreme Aerobatics, Air Racing


The same aircraft, but 2-seater, as used for the Red Bull Air Race. Built solely for the world of unlimited aerobatic competitions and air racing.


The Extra 300 represents the peak of aerobatic design and can fly amazing gyroscopic 'tumbling' manoeuvres and can also produce smoke.


Car Equivalent:                                              Formula One Race Car


Max G-Force:                                                +10/-10 G without a passenger

                                                                   +8/-8 G with a passenger


Aerobatic Maneouvres:                                   Everything


Max Speed:                                                   253 mph


Max Rate of Climb:                                         3,300ft / minute


Engine:                                                         300bhp


Seating:                                                        Pilot in rear, student in front

Wedding Air Displays


Private Air Displays



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