What is Included

Flying Experiences


The following are all included in your day:

  • Welcome Refreshments - Tea, Coffee, Filtered Water and Biscuits
  • Use of high quality military flying suits, headsets, and "Top Gun" name badges
  • Informative and entertaining multimedia briefing by our senior fighter pilots: Includes instruction on how to fly the aircraft and all safety procedures
  • Your Ultimate High flight(s) with your ex-military instructor pilot
  • Lunch/breakfast/dinner (as required) at the Bistro restaurant, adjacent to the Aircrew Room (buffet or a la carte for smaller groups)
  • Signed Flight Certificates, including the number of G pulled
  • Group Debrief - "Tea & Medals" as required

Additional Options include:

  • Individual DVDs of the flights - onboard cameras
  • Competitions (aerial and otherwise)
  • Prizes (if day is to be competitive)
  • Air Displays with our aircraft branded with your logos if you wish
  • Helicopter lessons or pleasure flights
  • Hovercrafts (self-drive)
  • Microlight flights
  • Personalised Aircrew Flight Suit Top Gun name badges and Merchandise (baseball caps, fleeces, aircraft prints etc) must be ordered in advance

The team are renowned for their friendly but professional pilots and ground staff.  Guests are encouraged to spend plenty of time with the staff learning more about flying, safety procedures etc.

For most guests, it is a totally new (and amazing!) experience.  We find that the uniqueness of the event makes this very much a shared experience, with guests yet to fly eager to quiz those who have flown, to compare notes and swap banter.


All our events are individually tailored
contact us for a sample itinerary and costs

Flying Experiences Flying Experiences Flying Experiences

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